22 August 2009

Summer Hours

It turns out nearly every expat wife, mother and child vacates Singapore the day school's out for summer. This over-generalization is a result of my thoroughly unscientific poolside observations. If the pool in my apartment complex is empty after 3 pm on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday, then surely all the other expat residential buildings must also be empty.

Not wanting to be left behind, I joined the mass exodus from the city-state and headed to the United States. For three weeks, I visited friends and family in my hometown, Columbus, Ohio. Highlights included my Bexley High School class reunion, 4th of July Bexley parade, and a road trip with my sister and two nephews to Garrison, NY. The brief break in my permanent home allowed me to exterminate the pests in our little cottage and absorb the life of my mother-in-law. Back in C’bus I ate, drank, lunched, dined and Target-ed myself until my departure.

My July: No blogs. No e-mails. No postcards. No Skypes. Just home, sweet home.

P.S. Yes, Target is a verb. After all the time and money I spent there it adds up to one big action!

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