01 April 2012

People Eating in Singapore

What is Singapore’s favorite pastime? Shopping? Soccer? Chewing gum? One day in the city-state is all it takes to discover that the favorite pastime is eating. From high-end restaurants to common hawker centers, exotic foods are served – turtle soup, chicken feet, and the politically incorrect shark fin soup. Out of all the strange and wonderful concoctions I’ve tried, Soylent Green is my favorite.

The island nation is hot and crowded. Every day the temperature promises to reach beyond 80-degrees with 100% humidity. 4 million people live in an area roughly three times the size of Washington DC and the population is growing. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. Thank goodness Soylent Industries has created a delicious and nutritious cuisine. It is a real people pleaser here and is almost as popular as the country's signature dish, chicken rice.

Soylent Green is best compared with tofu. It comes packaged in a block, but is green and stiff. People prepare it in all the same ways as tofu. But where tofu lacks backbone, Soylent Green has a full-bodied flavor which is head and shoulders above its distant cousin.

I will miss Soylent Green when I leave Singapore. But who knows on what distant shores it will one day appear. Soylent Industries’ officials boast they have an endless supply to feed the world. As long as the population grows, so will its product. Soylent Green is people.

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