15 August 2012

Raemarks Index

9 August 2012 marked Singapore’s 47th year of independence. To celebrate the nation’s birthday, the government hosted its annual National Day Parade. The military marched, dance groups performed, and songs about Singapore were sung.

Number of National Day Parade participants: 2,000
Number of National Day Parade grandstand spectators: 30,000
Estimated amount spent on fireworks display: $1,000,000
Total population of Singapore: 5,183,000
Singapore citizen population: 3,257,000
Cash bonus the government gives a family for giving birth to a
1st or 2nd child: $4,000
Cash bonus the government gives a family for giving birth to a
3rd or 4th child: $6,000
Approximate number of private cars on the road: 570,240
Cost of a government-issued certificate that entitles a driver to own a car below 1600cc: $73,501
Cost of a government-issued certificate that entitles a driver to own a car above1600cc: $94,502
Number of athletes who competed in nine different sports in the 2012 Summer Olympics: 23
Singapore’s total medal count at the 2012 Summer Olympics:
2 Bronze

For each National Day Parade, the government issues a new theme and commissions an official song.  This year's theme was Loving Singapore, Our Home, and the offical NDP song was "Love at First Light". On National Day, Singaporeans from all walks of life were “to reflect on what it means to love our country, what we appreciate about Singapore, and how each individual can express their love for the nation.”

Some creative citizens did just that. They expressed their love for the nation through song. "National Night" raps that citizens should go all the way. For years the city-state has had a negative birthrate. The Mentos-sponsored tune sings for citizens to do their civic duty by performing in the bedroom - no brith control, please!  The unofficial NDP song is officially popular.
Number of "National Night" YouTube video hits: 339,890

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